May 2024

Workflows — Getting started

Today we're launching workflows to orchestrate complex multi-step tasks. The first workflow helps users connect new Snowflake accounts and do initial setup.

Looking for custom workflows? Get in touch with your account rep!

Explorer homepage now lists several trending objects. This list is currently based on the most accessed objects in the last 30 days, and is updated daily.

User experience

  • Tooltips for access roles now provide more detailed information (on the functional roles and explorer pages)

  • Sidebar state is now stored in URL query params, so that you can send hyperlinks to sidebar tabs, and so that the sidebar is compatible with browser "back" and "forward" buttons.

  • The look and feel of sidebars and form inputs is now improved and more consistent with the rest of the application.

  • Improved UI for loading states

  • Improved notifications UI

  • Added a settings toggle to enable Spyglass support team to access and troubleshoot your account.

  • Users can now submit feedback to our team by clicking the blue feedback button in the lower-right corner of any page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Improved explorer responsiveness

  • New stats! The access requests page now displays a summary of your last 30 days: number of requests created, granted, and the average time to be granted.

  • Permissions filter multi-select inputs for object type and privilege type are now searchable.

  • Filter inputs (for roles, objects, etc.) now prioritize items that begin with the search term higher in the list.

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