Connect a Snowflake account


The installation process involves creating a SPYGLASS_USER and granting it a SPYGLASS_ROLE that inherits from SECURITYADMIN. There is some background about these Snowflake objects in our Security Best Practices guide.

Whether it’s you or a member of your team, you will need the ability to create a user for Spyglass with its required permissions.


  1. Ensure you can create a Snowflake user, role, and grant that role SECURITYADMIN.

  2. If your Snowflake instance has an account network security policy, add our static egress IP to your allowed list of IPs:


  1. Navigate to Spyglass Settings and underneath the Snowflake section, click on "Connect".

  1. Input your Snowflake account identifier and copy and run the commands in a Snowflake Worksheet while assuming ACCOUNTADMIN to create the necessary objects.

You can find your Snowflake account identifier by going to Admin → Accounts in your Snowflake account and clicking on the Account to copy the identifier. The identifier will be the 14 characters after the https://

  1. Click on "Verify" in the Spyglass UI (seen above) to confirm the connection. If successful, you will see confirmation in Spyglass.

You’ve now successfully connected your Snowflake account to Spyglass!

Common issues

Error: JWT token is invalid

When it may happen: When configuring your Snowflake account

What to check with your setup configurations: Ensure that you highlight and run the SPYGLASS_USER creation commands in you Snowflake worksheet to make sure they all run together as opposed to independently

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