February 2024

Access requests

  • API Access. Added ability to create access requests programatically via API calls. See the access request docs for more information.

  • Request tags. Added object-level tags to access requests that are created from the Explorer.

  • Draft widget requests. The draft widget ("uncommitted changes" section) can now be used to open an access request.

  • Apply details. Access requests are now updated with command execution details (success and failure) after they are applied.

  • Edit users. Added the ability to edit a user's existing role from within an open access request.

Change management

  • Job resiliency. Apply jobs are now retried in even more failure cases, making them significantly more fault-tolerant.

  • Input validation. Fixed an issue that could cause grants to users with certain special characters to fail.

  • First-party support. Added ability to make changes end-to-end within Spyglass, without the need for a GitHub integration.


  • Universal role editor. Added ability to propose even more changes to roles from the explorer.

Functional roles

  • User grants. Added ability to grant functional roles to users in the functional roles edit sidebar.

  • Role metadata. Added metadata for functional roles, including whether they are a service account or if the role should be set to expire at a later date.

  • Isolated changes. Functional role updates no longer cause additional staged grants or revokes to be applied.

User experience

  • Improved experience when logging in to select your organization.

  • Improved the design and aesthetics of data tables across the application.

  • Fixed an issue where organizations could delete all admins and get locked out of their account.

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