Spyglass settings

The settings page is only available to designated account administrators.


Use the Members section to set the roles for users in your organization's Spyglass account. The Admin role includes ability to see the Settings tab, recommendations, certain reports, and the ability to approve access requests.

API access token

Certain APIs are available for use by application and integrations at the /v1 route.

To access these APIs, first generate a secret API access token by clicking the "Create an API access token" button on the Spyglass settings page.

After generating the token and storing it securely, include it as an HTTP header in all API requests:

Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>

You can use the following API to test that authentication is working for your organization:

curl https://api.spyglass.software/v1/orgs/your-org-id/auth-test \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer sk_7041164af4ba438a95b5b802c13e4d7c'

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