January 2024

Access requests

  • Access requests. Added featured to request access to roles and data within Spyglass, including the ability to propose additional changes, comment, approve, reject, and merge the request. See the access request docs for more information.


  • Explorer tree list. Improved the overall performance of the explorer tree listing in most cases. In addition, the list panel can be resized.

Functional roles

  • Import existing roles. Added ability for users to import any role as a functional role, while preserving ownership and role inheritance.

  • Data privacy templates. Added masking policy templates to functional roles. See data privacy templates docs for more information.

  • Inheritance over extension. Removed ability to "extend roles" and make role inheritance the primary method of role composition.


User experience

  • Added a notification and animation during initial YAML download.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause some API requests to hang and cause a degraded web experience.

  • Fixed formatting of number and data on the overview page.

  • Added ability for users to request their company's SSO links via email.

  • Toggles now have much more consistent language and are less confusing across the platform.

  • Added ability for frontend to process certain tasks in the background, to prevent the UI from locking up.

  • Fixed issues with first time import for new users.

  • Improved the look and feel of the app's login landing page.

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