Introducing Spyglass

Security automation for data teams, self-service for data consumers.

What is Spyglass?

Spyglass is a security platform that helps your data team continuously improve the security and health of your data by providing access exploration, easy-to-build access, change management, and automated compliance.

Using Spyglass

  • Explore and build: use the Explorer to understand your current access, and use Functional Roles to easily create new roles and maintain your existing roles.

  • Manage changes: make all changes through central version control backed by git so that access changes are reviewable, approvable, and auditable.

  • Automate compliance: receive proactive insights about your data security and guidance on how to fix common issues so you can implement the principle of least privilege.

Who Uses Spyglass?

  • Data operators: understand and build access controls, automate governance, and provide self-service mechanisms for data owners and users.

  • Data domain owners: understand and govern data access for your business unit and automate compliance.

  • Data users: find relevant data and get access to the data you need to do your job.


What does Spyglass integrate with?

Spyglass integrates natively with Snowflake with no additional setup required. For source control, GitHub is supported. For SSO, Okta is supported as well as generic OIDC integrations.

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