Spyglass periodically records snapshots of your access data as part of its Bi-directional sync. These can be used to audit access as of a particular date or for disaster recovery to revert back to a known good state.

Snapshot listing

On the Snapshots page, you can see a full list of all available snapshots, dating back to the first import of your Spyglass installation. Snapshots are ordered by date (most recent first), include a filename with the account id, and a Generation number, which can be thought of as its version number.

The Actions menu allows you to download a snapshot or see a list of commands that been applied from the point in time of that snapshot up through the current date.



For any snapshot, you can download a copy of the configuration as of that point in time by clicking on Actions -> Download. The downloaded file is formatted as JSON, and its contents adhere to the Yaml interface described in the Spyglass CLI open source documentation.

Disaster recovery

In the case of disaster recovery, you can revert all access back its state at the point in time of any snapshot. To do this, click on Actions -> Changes for any snapshot.

If you're an Admin, you will have the option to revert all commands since that snapshot. This means that any GRANT will be converted to a REVOKE statement, and any REVOKE will be converted to a GRANT statement.

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