Connect a GitHub repository

After signing in for the first time, you will land on the Settings page. Connecting a GitHub repository is the first step to completing setup.


Whether it’s you or a member of your team, you need the ability to install our GitHub App to your organization (we do not currently support installing to user accounts).

As part of this process, you will grant read/write privileges to a GitHub repository so that Spyglass can:

  1. Write a YAML file that contains Snowflake configuration.

  2. Read the YAML file on every change and apply those changes back to Snowflake.

Spyglass requires a GitHub organization and a repository with at least one commit that is owned by the GitHub organization. The simplest way to complete this is to: (1) Create a new repository in your GitHub organization, and (2) Select “Add README file” for an automatic contribution to the repository.


  1. Ensure you have permissions to install GitHub Apps to your GitHub organization.

  2. Ensure your GitHub organization owns a repository with at least one commit.


  1. Click here for a link to GitHub to install the Spyglass HQ GitHub App.

  2. Click on "Configure" in the GitHub UI.

  1. Install the Spyglass HQ App in your GitHub Organization account.

  2. After clicking on the Organization Account, you’ll navigate to the GitHub Apps page which provides you the options to grant the Spyglass HQ App access to “All repositories” or “Only select repositories", depending on your preference.

  1. Navigate back to the Spyglass UI Settings page, then select an Active Repository for Spyglass to work with.

At this point, your GitHub account is fully set up with Spyglass!

Once you have your Snowflake Account connected (the next step), you’ll have the ability to enable the above pictured GitHub and Snowflake features in the Settings screen.

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